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Let Transperth give you a lift to the show!

13 Sep 2019

With hundreds of extra services operating during Royal Show week from Saturday 28 September until Saturday 5 October, you can avoid the traffic hassles around Claremont Showground, and the frustration of finding a well-priced parking spot.

A Little Helping Hand

16 Aug 2019

For many years now, the Transperth Education team has been supporting students in their transition towards independent travel.  We recognise that some students need a little extra helping hand.

Putting a Smile on Their Dial

16 Aug 2019

Ever had a child stay in Princess Margaret Hospital or Perth Children’s Hospital? If so, you’d be aware of the great work that Radio Lollipop do each and every day to bring a little joy to those who need it most.

Planning For the Future

16 Aug 2019

As students make their way across the Transperth network, they may not appreciate the planning efforts that have gone into it, or what is currently underway to ensure we deliver sustainable transport solutions for the future.

Digital assets for the Transperth app

6 Aug 2019

Earlier this year we launched our new Transperth app and the update has lots of handy features that are proving invaluable to parents and high school-aged kids, including live bus tracking.

To assist with the promotion of the app, we have compiled a digital toolkit for schools to implement through their marketing channels.

Digital Tools for Schools

2 Jul 2019

Transperth carries thousands of students to and from school every day. Although we have staff on our network and security systems in place to keep everyone safe, we occasionally have some students taking risks that jeopardise their own, and other students’ safety.


21 May 2019

The annual RAC bstreetsmart event was a success once again with over 7,500 students attending.  RAC bstreetsmart has been held in Perth since 2012, educating students on the risks of inattention and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Next Station Stop: New Lessons!

21 May 2019

Are you thinking of ways to introduce your students to transport timetables, and provide opportunities for them to practice how to read and interpret data?

Transperth Education have just released the first of a series of new activities to help you deliver fun and engaging lessons with WA curriculum links and all the resources you need all with a local twist. 

Journey to the End of the…Perth!

21 May 2019

Transperth Education recently attended Perth College to work with the students on timetables and journey planning options.  With the introduction of the new app, the classroom teacher Melanie Somers was very keen on having her students learn how to use the many different ways to plan journeys to increase their confidence and independence using Transperth services.

Take 5 With Alan Fuller

11 May 2018

At Transperth, we take a very serious approach to passenger safety and security.  An integral part of that is our Transit Officers who work to increase the safety of all our passengers right across the network. Find out what it’s like to fill the shoes of Alan Fuller, one of our Transperth Transit Line Supervisors.

SmartRider – The Smarter Way to Travel

16 Feb 2018

For many classes, accessing Group Ticketing on board our network has been a matter of calling their Passenger Service Manager to handle bookings.  For 2018, we have streamlined the process and these changes will affect all new group ticketing requests.