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Putting a Smile on Their Dial

Author: Abby Lucas

16 Aug 2019

Ever had a child stay in Princess Margaret Hospital or Perth Children’s Hospital? If so, you’d be aware of the great work that Radio Lollipop do each and every day to bring a little joy to those who need it most.

A significant contributor towards the operation of Radio Lollipop is the annual Transperth Uniform Free Day.  PTA staff have been shaking the tins across the network each year to raise money for this great cause since 1995, raising well over 1 million dollars.

March 13 marked the 24th year, with PTA staff raising a total of $72,168. Supported by every bus and train depot, and over 75 office staff across Perth stations and bus interchanges, money was collected to assist in the day-to-day costs of running the Radio Lollipop program.

A massive thanks goes out to everybody who dug deep and donated to Radio Lollipop. We appreciate your continued kindness and support.

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