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Is my child going to be safe?

We want to make sure your child gets to where they want to go, safely. Perth has a very safe public transport system with over 145 million boardings each year and very low number of incidents.

With hundreds of highly trained Transit Officers, thousands of CCTV cameras across the entire network and a Central Monitoring Room constantly observing the behaviour of all passengers on our station platforms, you can be confident that your child will be safe while travelling with Transperth.

While we continue to make public transport safer there are some things you can do to help have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Tips to minimise the risks:

  • Always plan the journey. Knowing when and where the service departs and arrives is a great start. 
  • Take it slowly. Share a journey with your child and then let them do a short trip alone.
  • Encourage your child to contact you if their plans change. 
  • Encourage travelling with a friend where possible.
  • Have someone meet them at their final destination.
  • Remember Night Alight! After 7pm, the bus driver will drop them anywhere along the route, when it's safe to stop. 


  • Teach them what to do if something does go wrong. Show them the CCTV cameras across the network and where to find the Emergency button or who to see if they ever feel worried; we are all here to help ensure your child is safe.



While they travel


If they need assistance or feel threatened

There are several ways to get help if they need it.

  • If there are Transit Officers and other Transperth staff nearby, ask them for help.
  • On a bus, speak to the bus driver.
  • On a train, push the emergency button to speak to the driver.
  • At a train station, push the emergency button on the information module to speak to our Central Monitoring Room.
  • Call 9220 9999 for assistance.

Help is never that far away when they travel with us.

Learn more about our network and what we are doing to help keep passengers safe.

Safe travel tips for your kids

  • Never hesitate to ask us for assistance.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and what is happening near you.
  • Keep the volume low on your audio device.
  • Plan your journey before you start to minimise the amount of time you wait at stations or stops.
  • If possible, have someone meet you, or tell friends or family when you expect to be home.
  • Avoid waiting or walking in dark areas.
  • Avoid short cuts.
  • Use only the proper access routes when you enter or exit train stations or interchanges.
  • Stay close to Transperth staff if they are present.
  • On train stations, stay in well-lit areas in view of security cameras.
  • On train stations, stand back from the yellow line on the edge of the platform. When trains go past they create a powerful draft that can unbalance you.
  • Always stay off train tracks. Walking across them is dangerous and illegal.
  • Be aware of the location of emergency buttons.
  • On buses, sit at the front near the driver.
Interactive virtual journey

Interactive virtual journey

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