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Being Prepared

Being ready to take public transport alone means children need to have the maturity to cope should something go wrong. Sometimes not everything goes to plan. It's ok, with these simple tips your child will be back on their way in no time. Here’s some advice to share with your child if:
  • They get off at the wrong stop or station 
  • A train has been cancelled or a bus is broken down
  • They lose their SmartRider


Tell your child not to panic. When travelling somewhere new, or even somewhere they have been to hundreds of times before, it’s easy to get distracted and end up at the wrong stop. Here’s what to tell your child to do:


  • Safely cross to the opposite platform and catch the next suitable service. 
  • If unsure, find the information unit on the station platform and press the InfoLine button to ask for help. 


  • If it's not far, then walk back to the correct stop. 
  • If you've gone too far then safely cross the road and catch the bus in the opposite direction. 
  • If unsure then call the Transperth InfoLine and ask for help on 13 62 13.


Sometimes Transperth services are disrupted. There are two types of disruptions that can occur on our train network; planned and unplanned, but the best way to be informed is to be signed up for Transperth My Alerts through My Account.

Travel Alerts allow you to plan ahead and help you prepare your child for any changes in their journey. Register for ‘My Account’.

Check the information below for what to in the event of a planned or unplanned disruption.


  • Transperth My Alerts are sent when there are planned or unplanned disruptions to trains, planned disruptions to buses or changes to any services. 
  • Train replacement bus services will run when trains are disrupted.
  • Bus replacement services run from every station at the Train Replacement Bus Stop. Your child should follow the signage for directions to the stop (or why not visit your local station, together with your child, and find out where the stop is for peace of mind).
  • Allow extra travelling time and be aware that train replacement services may not connect with existing timetabled buses and trains. Always use the Transperth JourneyPlanner to plan your journey. The JourneyPlanner contains information on planned disruptions and will show alternative travel options.
  • For all planned disruptions to bus services the My Alert will contain information on the nearest available stops as will signage on the affected bus stops.


Bus Break Down

  • If the service has good frequency, catch the next available service. 
  • If the service is infrequent, a replacement bus will be dispatched if available from the local bus depot, and the driver will advise the passengers of this. 
  • Remember to tag off the broken down bus to avoid the default fare. If unsure ask the driver. 

Disrupted Train Services

  • Replacement bus services will be arranged. 
  • Follow signage or Transperth staff directions. 
  • Train Replacement Buses will depart from the Train Replacement Bus Stops located at each station.

If a train breaks down while your child is on it?

  • Remain on the train until given instructions from a member of staff.


Be assured that if your child’s SmartRider card goes missing while they are mid transit, and have no money to pay for their onward journey, Transperth has a duty of care to ensure your child can get to school or home safely. Encourage your child to explain the situation to a staff member. 

If your child can not locate their SmartRider and it is definitely lost, there are a couple of steps that either you or your child need to take: 

  • Contact the Transperth Infoline on 13 62 13*. They will be able to place a stop to anyone using the SmartRider by placing that card on a HotList. In 24 hours the card will be disabled. 
  • By Hotlisting a card no one will be able to use the card and they will not be able use the money. 
  • If your child’s school is a participating secondary school, contact the school’s administration to order a replacement card. If your child’s school is not registered for online ordering you will need to complete the Application for Student SmartRider form and send it to the address shown on the form with a $5 cheque or money order payable to “Monitor WA”. For more information on obtaining a replacement card click here.
  • Don't worry; the balance on the card will not be lost. The money from your old lost or stolen SmartRider card will be automatically transferred to the replacement card. 

* Please note, to speak with the InfoLine regarding your child’s SmartRider card, you need to be listed as a ‘Third Party’ on the card.