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What ticket does my child need?

Student Smartrider

Our Student SmartRider is your child’s ticket to ride on Transperth services. If your child is a primary or secondary school student, they can use their Student SmartRider, which gives them free travel from Monday to Friday, throughout the school year.

On the weekends and summer holidays, the Student SmartRider entitles your child to concession travel.

The Student SmartRider is the only way to access this free travel. If you are still waiting for your SmartRider to arrive at the start of Term One, you will be allowed to travel for free without a valid ticket. From 1 March students must have their Student SmartRider to travel for free, or purchase a cash ticket.

Where do I get a smartrider for my child

There are several ways to obtain a Student SmartRider for your child. The method for obtaining a SmartRider will depend on whether your child is a primary or a secondary student.

Primary students - Initial card

For primary school students are two ways to get a Student SmartRider. You can use a application form or place an online order. The initial card is free if you use the application form.

Ordering with application form

Complete an Application for Student SmartRider form, have it authorised by your school administration and mail it to the address shown on the form.

Ordering online

If your primary school is registered you can order online. To see if your school is registered check the Monitor WA website. Please note that to order online the cost will be $5 per card application.

Secondary Students - Initial Card

Obtaining an initial secondary student SmartRider card will depend on whether your school is a 'participating' school or registered for online ordering.

Participating secondary schools

Check with your school's administration to find out if it's a participating school. A participating school automatically processes a Student SmartRider application for all new students, receives the cards and issues them to students.

Ordering online

Some secondary schools are registered for online ordering. To see if your school is registered check the Monitor WA website.

Non-participating schools

If your school is neither a participating school nor regsitered for online ordering, you'll need to complete an Application for Student SmartRider form, have it authorised by the school's administration and send it to the address on the form.

Home School Students - Initial Card

Complete an Application for Student Smartrider form.

Attach a copy of your ‘Home Education Certificate of Registration’ available from your Home Education Moderator in your region.

Send to the address on the form along with a cheque or money order (if applicable).

Alternatively you can attend the Monitor WA office, with both a completed Application for Student Smartrider form and Home Education Certificate of Registration, at Unit 2/17 Macadam Place Balcatta WA 6021 between 9:00am and 4:30pm to pay by cash and collect your Student SmartRider card on the spot.

Third Party Access To Your Child's SmartRider

When your child receives their Student SmartRider, you can register to be listed as a 'Third Party' on their card. This will allow you to make enquiries regarding your child's SmartRider card, when you call the Transperth InfoLine. To become registered as a 'Third Party', call the InfoLine on 13 62 13, with your child present. Your child will need to verify that you are their parent, and that they wish for you to act on their behalf. Once completed, you will not need your child present in future to make enquiries regarding their card.

How to use a smartrider?

Using a SmartRider is the easiest way for your child to travel. At the start of each journey, your child needs to "tag on" and at the end of the journey they need to "tag off".

To tag on or tag off, they simply place their SmartRider card on the card reader onboard the bus, the ferry or at the train station.

A beep and green light confirms a successful tag on or tag off. When they tag on, the card reader will display their remaining balance. When they tag off, the card reader will display the amount of the fare deducted and their remaining balance.


Your child will need have value on their card to pay for weekend or holiday travel. There are several ways you can do this. 

The simplest  way to get your child moving is adding cash onto the SmartRider either with the bus driver (notes only), at an InfoCentre or Retail Sales Outlet or at an add value machine located at some train stations.

Once they are up and running you can add Autoload to your child's card. Autoload is an automatic top up method that will deduct a nominated amount from a bank account or credit card when the SmartRider is running low on value. You can set up Autoload online through My Account.

You can also use BPAY to add value to the card. BPay will take up to 5 business days to transfer to your child’s SmartRider.  Your child’s SmartRider will not be in credit until this amount is transferred.

TIP:  If you choose BPay or Autoload as a method of adding value your child will need to ‘tag on’ the system within two weeks.   

Find out more about adding value to your SmartRider here.

What if my child’s SmartRider balance is low?

When your child tags on the reader will display an orange light indicating that their balance is low. They are still entitled to travel however need to remember they need to add value. There are several different ways they can do this.


The easiest way of adding value to their card is through their bus driver. Simply hand the bus driver the amount they wish to add to their SmartRider and they will add that value. Please note that our drivers do not accept coins, only notes and they can not issue change.


We have Add Value machines located at most train stations on the network. By following the prompts on the screen, your child can add value to their SmartRider quickly and independently. Please note that Add Value machine only accept notes and debit cards.


Concerned your child may not have enough money to travel? We suggest activating Autoload on your child’s card. When the balance is low, it automatically adds value from a selected bank account. It’s quick and convenient to set up and gives you peace of mind when your child is out and about.

You can add Autoload online through My Account.

For more information on alternative methods to add value to your childs SmartRider.

My child received a default fare, what can I do?

The most important thing for your child to remember is to tag on and off every time they enter or exit a bus, train station or ferry. Failing to do so attracts a default fare.

When your child receives a default fare, the light on the SmartRider reader glows orange and displays the default fare your child has been charged.

With a million and one things on your child’s mind accidents do happen. Call the InfoLine to discuss the situation on 13 62 13.

My child has run out of money or value on their Smartrider, will they be left behind?

Transperth has a duty of care to ensure your child can get to school or home safely. Explain the situation to a member of staff for assistance for bus, train and ferry.

What if my child does not have a SmartRider?

If your child does not have a Student SmartRider, they will be required to purchase a cash concession fare.

Where can my child buy a ticket?

Your child can buy their cash ticket at a train station or ferry ticket machine or from a bus driver. Please ensure they have the correct fare as drivers carry minimal change.

How much will my child’s cash concession cost?

The cost of a cash concession fare is dependent on how many zones your child travels through. Zones are circular bands, each between 8 and 10 kilometres wide, with Perth city in the centre. See zone map for details.

How long is a ticket valid for?

Your child’s cash ticket will be valid between 2 to 3 hours depending on how far they are travelling. The ticket will have the expiry time printed. Your child can ride on any number of bus, train or ferry services within the specified zones to complete their journey provided they get on board before the expiry time.

Please refer to the Transperth Fares page
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