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Special Assistance

My child has special needs. What support can Transperth provide?

We recognise not all of our services are accessible so if your child has a disability or requires special assistance, find out here the various ways we can help them have a safe and enjoyable journey.


Accessible Transperth services

Accessibility is a priority at Transperth and we are continually striving to improve.

New Transperth vehicles, infrastructure and ticketing systems have been designed to be accessible. All bus, train and ferry services have priority seats, which can be used by people with disabilities.

Transperth also ensures that information services including the Transperth InfoLine, Transperth website and Transperth InfoCentres cater for all passengers. Visit the Transperth Contact Us page for more information.

All printed and web based information conforms to disability guidelines and is available in alternative formats. Braille timetables are available upon request. Please contact Visability on 9311 8202 for more information. Large format timetables are also available on request via the Transperth Infoline.

Special assistance at stations

Passengers can call 1800 800 022 if they require special assistance at stations. Customer Service staff are available at all stations to assist passengers accessing the Transperth network. Call at least one hour ahead of your journey to receive personal assistance from one of our Customer Service staff. Lines are manned from first service to last service, 7 days a week. A Transperth staff member can assist you with boarding and disembarking from the train.

Communication Cards

Transperth have communication cards available to assist people with communicating with Transperth personnel. A communication card has two sections where you can write information:

  • Please stop at - this should show your child's destination
  • Please help with the following - write in this area if your child needs Transperth staff to assist them with anything concerning their trip

Teach your child to show their communication card to the bus driver as they board the bus.

You can obtain communication cards by contacting the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13 or from any Transperth InfoCentre

Is your child a Companion Card holder?

Transperth honours the Companion Card system by allowing a companion/support person (of a Companion Card holder) to travel free on all services. To find out more about the Companion Card, visit or call 1800 617 337.

Look for the disability symbol

It indicates a Transperth route that is serviced by fully accessible buses.
For exceptions and more information on Transperth accessibility services click here. If you require an accessible bus, call your local depot to see if we can assist. For local depot phone numbers call the Infoline on 13 62 13.

Did you know?

Did you know that Transperth Education delivers a tailored education outreach program for Education Support centres and units attached to primary and high schools? If your child’s class is yet to experience the Get on Board program, please encourage the classroom teacher to get in touch with us at or on 9326 3970 to find out more information.

Call our InfoLine

Passengers can call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13 for Transperth information, ordering brochures and timetables, and SmartRider assistance.
Interactive virtual journey

Interactive virtual journey

Try our virtual journey to learn about getting around on Transperth services.

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