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Get Mobile!

It's important for kids to learn how to plan their school journey. Learning non-routine journeys is just as important. If they're familiar with using the Transperth planning tools it will mean they're skilled enough to adapt to different situations.

Here are some mobile tools to help your child on their way:

The Transperth App

The official Transperth app for iOS and Android devices is available for download. The app is free, and will show up-to-date public transport information within the Perth metropolitan area.

Find out more about our app here.

Text Your Stop Number SMS Service

Transperth's SMS service allows passengers to use SMS to find out when the next few services are scheduled to leave from any bus, train or ferry stop, and check their SmartRider balance.

Find out more about our SMS service here.

Interactive virtual journey

Interactive virtual journey

Try our virtual journey to learn about getting around on Transperth services.

Play the virtual game