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Planning your Transperth Journey

Looking for a low-cost and eco friendly way to get to your next excursion?

Transperth might just be the answer! If you can get to your destination via public transport, we can help you plan your excursion.

COVID-19 Information

The safety of our passengers and staff is our key priority. We are in close contact with the relevant health authorities and will continue to follow their advice in terms of precautions and mitigation measures. 

Visit the Transperth website for the most up to date information on travel on Transperth services.

1. Plan your Journey

See if public transport is a viable option for your journey. Use the Transperth JourneyPlanner to plan how to get to and from your excursion.

2. How are you travelling?

Does your planned journey involve a bus at any point?

3. Booking Details

Hassle Free Ticketing

Group tickets are available for train and ferry travel.

Group tickets are available for groups 10 or larger, and must be requested at least two weeks prior to your excursion.

Numbers not yet finalised? That’s okay. Get your booking to us and final details will be confirmed closer to the date of travel.

If you’ve missed this two week cut-off, contact Transperth Education. Please note, normal cash ticketing will apply.

Group tickets are $1.40 for students and $4.90 for adults (effective 1 July 2020).

Travelling by SmartRider card? Select your payment method below.

Journeys involving Transperth buses

Buses have limited capacity on board so we need to check whether your group can fit.

Please provide as many details as you can to enable us to check if your journey is possible.


Unfortunately group ticketing is not available for bus travel.

You will need to have SmartRiders for all travellers or purchase cash tickets from the bus driver or Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). TVM’s also accept debit and credit card payment with contactless payment facilities.

Fares are calculated based on distance travelled (zones) and time limits. Please refer to your journey plan or visit the fares section on the Transperth website.

Contact Details
Payment Contact Details

Travel Information (please refer to your journey plan)
Getting there
Getting back
Passenger Details

Ticket paying via BPoint

Comments / Specific Route / Additional Needs
Please provide any additional information to assist in processing your request. E.g. advise of any wheelchair users, additional stops, if your departure location is different to your excursion destination or if part of your group is purchasing their own tickets.
Please provide any additional information to assist in processing your request. E.g. advise of any wheelchair users, additional stops, if ferry travel is required or if your departure location is different to your excursion destination.
  • The school will not attend the excursion if there are any known COVID-19 cases in the school community
  • Students and staff will not attend the excursion if they are sick.
  • The school will collect a record of attendees for contact tracing purposes, and
  • All attendees will adhere to appropriate hygiene measures.
You will receive automatic email confirmation once the form has been successfully completed and submitted. The Transperth Ticketing team will then be in touch with an itinerary and quote (if applicable) to confirm your booking.
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Certificate of Currency

Need a copy of our General Liability Certificate for your school's risk assessment?

Download our Certificate of Currency.


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