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Our Friends

Our friends in education offer great resources to complement a whole school approach to helping kids keep safe while travelling.



Transperth is a member of WARSEC, a multi-agency committee convened by SDERA (School Drug Education and Road Aware) with the aim of advancing safe road use and road safety education for young people in Western Australia. Transperth contributes to Directions, a biennial Road Safety Education Plan produced by WARSEC to document initiatives of each of the member agencies, individually and collaboratively, making contributions and real improvements to the Western Australian Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy 2008-2020

TracksSAFE Education

Rail safety education is important for all children to learn and understand, which is why Be on the Safe Side has been developed for easy integration into primary and secondary school curriculums.

Transperth Education is proud to collaborate with TracksSAFE Education and work together to bring train and track safety into the classroom. Using student-centred learning activities that are aligned with a variety of Australian Curriculum Learning Areas, Be on the Safe Side enables schools, teachers, parents, community members and rail staff to all play an active role in ensuring safe rail behaviour amongst young people and potentially saving lives.  

Visit the TrackSAFE education website for more information or to download the teacher resources free of charge.

Your Move

Your Move aims to increase the number of students walking, cycling and using public transport to travel to school. Your Move assists parents, teachers, local governments and students to find solutions to the problems of parking congestion, road safety and insufficient levels of physical activity by providing ideas and easy to follow examples.

Join the Your Move Online Community website or contact a Department of Transport staff member by phone on 08 6551 6489 or email to register your interest and to discuss ideas for making your school TravelSmart.


School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) provides best practice road safety education to schools along with resilience and drug education. Utilising curriculum linked classroom resources, professional learning and consultancy SDERA empowers school based staff, parents and community agencies to develop effective drug and road safety education programs. Age appropriate material helps babies, children and young people to stay safer in the transport environment.



Kidsafe WA is the leading independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting safety and preventing childhood injuries and accidents in Western Australia. Injuries are the leading cause of death in Australian children aged one to fourteen, accounting for nearly half of all deaths in this age group. Kidsafe WA works in the community to educate and inform parents and children on staying safe at home, at play and on the road.

Every year Transperth Education supports the Kidsafe WA Safety in Schools Program which aims to help reduce the incidence of injury through education. It encourages schools to address safety in a holistic manner using the Health Promoting Schools Framework and activities linked to the Curriculum Framework.