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Author: Abby Lucas

30 Jul 2021

After years of potentially being chauffeured from home to school, and out-of-school activities, it can come as a shock to many students (and parents!) when the time comes to start travelling to school independently.  Although this can be an exciting time, students are exposed to risks and challenges they may not have considered before.

To help make this transition, we have just launched a new ‘Transperth Safety and Security’ video for distribution to schools.

“Even though we operate one of the safest public transport networks in Australia, feedback from students and parents mention safety and security is a concern when commencing independent travel on Transperth,” says Louise Madden from Transperth Education.  “In launching this video, we hope to address some of these concerns before students make their transition.” 

The video has a focus on what students can do to improve their own safety, but also shows the support available across the network should difficulties arise.

“From Bus Drivers to Customer Service Assistants, from Transit Officers to Transperth Security, the whole team is working, often behind the scenes, to keep students safe as they make their way to and from school.”

Watch the Transperth safety and security video.


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