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Next Station Stop: New Lessons!

Author: Abby Lucas

21 May 2019

Are you thinking of ways to introduce your students to transport timetables, and provide opportunities for them to practice how to read and interpret data?

Transperth Education have just released Timetable Challenge– the first lesson in a series of new activities– to help you deliver fun and engaging lessons with WA curriculum links and all the resources you need all with a local twist. 

Louise Madden, Transperth Education Co-ordinator is excited to announce the arrival of these new lesson activities.

“These lessons, while meeting the needs of the WA Curriculum, teach students very important life skills.  Being able to read timetables is very quickly becoming a lost art form.  But the reality is that timetables will be with us for many years to come.”

“Unfortunately though, there are times when public transport doesn’t always run to plan.  That is where knowing how to use the various tools discussed in this lesson to make contingency plans becomes so important – building skills to provide confidence increases their ability to use our network successfully.”

Download the Timetable Challenge lesson and support resources now.

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