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A Little Helping Hand

Author: Abby Lucas

16 Aug 2019

For many years now, the Transperth Education team has been supporting students in their transition towards independent travel.  We recognise that some students need a little extra helping hand.

Education Support Centres and Schools can request a facilitated tour to help their students access Transperth. The tour will assist with navigating the ticketing system and understand the risks, but also remove some of the barriers, of using public transport. The tour is designed to help build their confidence and break down some of the anxiety around requesting help and assistance.

“From a distance, our staff may appear quite intimidating, especially to younger students.  By introducing our staff to the students, they learn they too have children, many the same age as the students we carry,” said Louise Madden from Transperth Education.  “By breaking down these barriers, students learn there are so many points of help should they ever require assistance to get around safely – including our front line staff, or the emergency buttons on every station platform.”

If you have students in an Education Support Setting and wish to work with Transperth Education to assist in giving your students an additional hand, get in touch with the team on 9326 3970 or

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