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Don’t get hurt, stay alert

Author: Abby Lucas

1 Mar 2021

Every year we see students receiving life-threatening injuries as a result of dangerous behaviour around buses. These incidents are typically due to distraction and students not being aware of the movement of other vehicles around buses.

We recently launched a safety campaign targeted at school children in the high-risk age group of 12–14. Our objective was to encourage students to behave safely around buses, and provide a conversation starter for parents and kids.

To assist your school with encouraging safety around buses, we’ve compiled a digital toolkit. It includes social media posts, images and posters for you to print out.

“In order to increase the level of safety on our network, we need everyone to be aware of the risks,” says Louise Madden from Transperth Education. “With schools assisting in getting these key messages out to their students, we can work together to make everyone’s journey safer.”

Visit Get on Board and download a free digital kit. You can also download the Don’t Mess with Bus lesson plans to integrate into your Year 6, 9 or 10 class programs:

High School         Primary School 

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