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Be a Good Egg

Author: Abby Lucas

12 Mar 2020

We know the majority of students travelling on the network do the right thing.  Some may need a little reminder of what is required to make everyone’s journey safer and more enjoyable.

Back Packs: Before boarding any service remove your back pack.  Bags take up a significant amount of space on a crowded service and could potentially injure another passenger. Please be mindful of other passengers.

Unattended items: We know you’ve had a hard day but don’t leave bags and other items unattended on board our buses or trains.  Items left unattended become a trip hazard.

Language: We understand you may need to blow off steam after a day at school, but other passengers don’t need to hear it.  Keep the volume down and remember it’s somebody’s grandmother who can overhear you.

Crowding around doors:  We all know the coolest place to hang is at the doors, unfortunately gathering around this area prevents others from getting on and off our services.  Be kind, be thoughtful and move down the aisle.

Offering your seat: We all know you’ve had a long day at school, but there may still be people who need the seat more than you.  Offer your seat with a smile and make someone’s day.

Use headphones: but keep the volume low: Your favourite tune may be bangin’ but so are other passengers’ heads.  Use headphones and keep the volume down.

Stand back from the yellow line:  Tragedies have occurred for not following this instruction. Don’t become a statistic. There’s no need to go beyond the line until the train has stopped. 

Cross the tracks only when it’s safe: Never cross the train lines if the lights are flashing, bells are ringing and gates are closed. 

Never go down on the tracks: If you need to recover an item you have dropped, use the emergency button to call for assistance.  Nothing is worth risking your life for.

Be careful around buses: Never cross in front, between or behind a bus.  Always wait for the bus to depart before attempting to cross the road.

And lastly:

Mobile phones are a huge distraction: You’re catching up on chats and Tik-Tok – we understand.  But mobile use around our services dramatically increases your chance of injury or worse.  Please look up and look out – whenever you around our buses, trains and ferries.

By taking note of these simple rules, we hope that everyone enjoys their trip to and from school each day. 

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