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All Aboard!

Author: Abby Lucas

11 Nov 2019

Considering getting your students out and about on the network?  Transperth offers excursion assistance to get you and your class out and about on our timetabled services.  Not only will your students save considerably on comparable charter services, but they’ll learn important life skills along the way.

Transperth Education, in collaboration with our colleagues at Transperth Train Operations and local bus depots, ensure your journeys run smoothly and seamlessly - getting you to and from your destination on time.

Julie Cowley from Rockingham Montessori was recently tasked with getting a group of 200 students, from pre-primary through to Year 12, into the city for their annual picnic in the park.  Transperth Education worked with Julie to provide the safest, most efficient route by train. 

‘Organising such a large group of young students to go on an excursion gives teachers and staff an extra worry, but Transperth Education really helped to make it as stress free as possible.’

‘When the day arrived, Rockingham Customer Service Assistants were there to help our group board and alight the train for additional peace of mind’

‘We even received a thank you note from one of our students who thanked me for organising the picnic, but also said the train ride was really fun and exciting – we all enjoyed it!’

If you are considering using Transperth for your next excursion, The Transperth Education team are here to assist.  Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via the Excursions page. We look forward to having you on board soon.


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