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A Vision for Independence

Author: Abby Lucas

11 Nov 2019

While getting around on the network may seem simple for most of us, bear a thought for people with a vision impairment, who can find navigating the network is not so straight forward. 

Transperth Education recently facilitated a specialised network tour for a group of youth who are blind or of limited vision who participated in a Cahoots holiday camp.  Offering an opportunity to hear from our bus drivers, station staff and Transit Officers, the group discussed what to be aware of and what Transperth  staff can do to assist them achieve independence and connection to community.

Commencing with an out of service bus for the students to mind map, navigating their way from Whitfords to Perth, through to Perth Busport and back out again via bus and train in peak hours, it was a tremendous opportunity for students to experience the Transperth network with the guidance and support from Cahoots and VisAbility staff.

‘Moving across Perth, transferring between services and walking between facilities, you realise the difficulties faced by people who are blind or with limited vision’ says David McMahon from Transperth Education. ‘Thankfully, with the assistance, understanding and support offered by our trained staff, Transperth can provide a transport solution to get them where they need to go, safely and with independence. 

With the guidance of the facilitated network tour, students increase their confidence as they work towards independent travel on the Transperth Network.

Considering booking a facilitated network tour for your class? Get in contact with us through the Station Tours page.


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