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Class Excursions: the Transperth Way

Author: Abby Lucas

30 Jul 2021

With the weather (hopefully) improving, you may be considering getting your class out and about to experience some of Perth’s best excursion destinations.  With Transperth services in close proximity, we can get you there safely, efficiently and significantly cheaper than other transport options.

St Michael’s School, Bassendean, took a trip by train to the Constable Care Safety School.  Located a short walk from Maylands Station, the Constable Care Safety School is positioned well to use Transperth services to get there.

“Schools just like St Michael’s are getting around to some of the best excursion locations on offer, efficiently but most importantly safely,” says David McMahon from Transperth Education. “With support at train stations to assist with boarding and alighting, and your bus driver being made aware of our movements in advance, your whole journey is co-ordinated before you head out.”

See yourself using Transperth for your next excursion? Place your bookings on the Transperth ‘Get on Board’ – Excursions page and we can take it from there. Things can get a little busy so we do ask that you submit your request a minimum of two weeks prior to your excursion.

Interested to see how it works? Watch St Michael’s School’s journey with Transperth.

A big thank you goes to Constable Care Safety School for sharing this content with us.


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