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Journey to the End of the…Perth!

Author: Abby Lucas

21 May 2019

Transperth Education recently attended Perth College to work with the students on timetables and journey planning options.  With the introduction of the new app, the classroom teacher Melanie Somers was very keen on having her students learn how to use the many different ways to plan journeys to increase their confidence and independence using Transperth services.

David McMahon from Transperth Education facilitated the session and introduced the students to the importance of running timetabled services, before moving onto the different journey planning options available to students.

“Students really are spoilt for choice now in ways to plan their journey; including traditional timetables, the JourneyPlanner, Transperth Infoline and the new Transperth app, students have Perth at their fingertips!”

The introduction of real time bus tracking in the Transperth app means students have the ability to track their service.  This reduces the level of stress and worry a student faces, especially when travelling to unfamiliar areas.

“One little known feature is the ability to track the progress of your journey on the go.  Students can see when they are approaching their intended stop location and prepare to alight.”

Wish to educate your students on public transport with local relevance?  Deliver the lesson Timetable Challenge to your students, or request an incursion from Transperth Education today.

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