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Taking the Stress Out of Topping Up

Author: Abby Lucas

12 Mar 2020

There are several ways you can add value to a SmartRider. Most students choose to add value through their bus driver or at a Transperth Retail Sales Outlet.  While these are the most straight forward methods, it’s not always easy for parents to find a cash note when they need it. 

Often students will run out of value on their SmartRider card, leaving parents anxious about how their child is going to safely make their way home. This causes unnecessary stress and anxiety for both the student and parent.

Parents can take the stress out of adding value to the SmartRider card by setting up Autoload, the automatic funds transfer.  Whenever the value gets low, it transfers a pre-set amount over to the SmartRider.

Autoload can be set up from home on the Transperth website, through ‘My Account.’  It’s quick and easy, and relatively straight forward.  And best of all, once set up it’ll continue to transfer funds every time the card reaches ‘low balance.’

“We often get feedback from schools where students have run out of money on their SmartRiders and struggle to get home, meaning parents are leaving work to pick up their child,” says David McMahon from Transperth Education.  “Unfortunately there’s no way to remotely transfer funds to the SmartRider, with BPAY taking 3-4 business days.  Autoload is the best way to ensure Autoload is the best way to ensure students can get to and from school with a loaded SmartRider card – one less thing for parents to stress about.” To find out more, parents can visit the Transperth website and follow the links to ‘My Account’ to set up today.

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