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21 May 2019

The annual RAC bstreetsmart event was a success once again with over 7,500 students attending.  RAC bstreetsmart has been held in Perth since 2012, educating students on the risks of inattention and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Next Station Stop: New Lessons!

21 May 2019

Are you thinking of ways to introduce your students to transport timetables, and provide opportunities for them to practice how to read and interpret data?

Transperth Education have just released the first of a series of new activities to help you deliver fun and engaging lessons with WA curriculum links and all the resources you need all with a local twist. 

Journey to the End of the…Perth!

21 May 2019

Transperth Education recently attended Perth College to work with the students on timetables and journey planning options.  With the introduction of the new app, the classroom teacher Melanie Somers was very keen on having her students learn how to use the many different ways to plan journeys to increase their confidence and independence using Transperth services.

Urban Jungle Out There

3 Aug 2018

On the 29th of June, the Year 9 Cohort participated in the Ultimate Urban Challenge, a Greatest Race style course spanning between Perth and Fremantle with the goal of not only helping students navigate and adapt in an urban environment, but also to push them to learn to become independent, work in a team and have confidence in stressful situations. This was even more challenging than usual as the use of mobile phones was prohibited.


Take 5 With Alan Fuller

11 May 2018

At Transperth, we take a very serious approach to passenger safety and security.  An integral part of that is our Transit Officers who work to increase the safety of all our passengers right across the network. Find out what it’s like to fill the shoes of Alan Fuller, one of our Transperth Transit Line Supervisors.

SmartRider – The Smarter Way to Travel

16 Feb 2018

For many classes, accessing Group Ticketing on board our network has been a matter of calling their Passenger Service Manager to handle bookings.  For 2018, we have streamlined the process and these changes will affect all new group ticketing requests.

Looking for excursion ideas?

13 Oct 2017

The new Constable Care Safety School is now open and taking bookings for Term 4, 2017. The Constable Care Safety School is an excursion destination for children aged 4-11 and provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn vital pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills.


VisAbility Experience Day

1 Aug 2017

On Friday July 14, Transperth Education held a VisAbility Experience Day which allowed a group of 12 teenagers, with varying degrees of visual impairment, to experience our network in a safe and controlled environment.

Make Your Move

24 Jul 2017

Join the network of Your Move schools sharing tips on how to motivate students to get moving and create healthy habits for life. plus, have fun and earn rewards for it. 

Top Tips to Improve Trips

8 Sep 2016

Travelling on Transperth is easy, but you can make it even easier for you, and others, by following some simple tips. They’re so simple, even these little guys can do them

Take 5 With A Bus Driver

20 May 2016

Our new ‘Don’t Mess With Bus’ safety campaign aims to raise awareness and reduce number of near misses and accidents around our buses. Here, we take 5 with our very own bus driver, Bronwyn Edwards.  


Ferry adds a musical platform for the AWESOME Festival 2015

5 Nov 2015

Awesome student workshop makes music across the Swan River.


Smoothing the ride for transitioning students

5 Nov 2015

Learning how to travel independently is a big step in every student's life. Here are some tips for teachers, parents and students on how to make that transition into high school as easy and safe as possible.

TravelSmart to Schools Workshop

3 Nov 2015

If you’re interested in walking or riding to school or just want to have a fun and inspiring day – take part in the TravelSmart to Schools Workshop on 4 November from 9am to 2pm.

Tapping Primary School: Getting to grips with the new ‘Get On Board’ Website.

1 Aug 2015

In Term 2 the Transperth Education Team; David, Carol-Ann and Louise, were lucky enough to visit Tapping Primary School to deliver a very special launch of our Get on Board website.


6 Mar 2015

Transperth can’t help parents get their kids out of bed, or get them to pay attention in class, but we can make it easier to plan their trip to and from school thanks to the new Get on Board website.

Created specifically for Teachers, Students and Parents in mind, increasing your classes knowledge and confidence in catching public transport has never been so easy and accessible.  Read here to find out how Get On Board will help your students today!



6 Mar 2015

The arrival of The Giants set new patronage records as massive crowds converged on the city to see The Diver and Little Girl giants grace the streets of Perth. It was the biggest public transport event in our history with families and groups making their way in from all over the state.

If you are thinking of taking your class on an excursion read this article to find out how we can make your travel a GIANT success.