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Choo-choo-choose safety: The Right Track program in action at Governor Stirling SHS

Author: Alex Gerrard

2 Nov 2023

Did you know the Public Transport Authority has a program aimed at encouraging young people to behave more safely on Transperth’s public transport network?

The Right Track program is all about promoting safer travel by encouraging young passengers to become more responsible for their own safety, and to make positive choices.

A recent partnership with Governor Stirling Senior High School saw students participate in a series of fun and engaging exercises after significant safety concerns were raised about behaviour at the nearby Woodbridge Station.

  • These included:Right Track facilitating a series of presentations to all Year 7 to 9 students, which gave them an opportunity to identify, address, and provide input on how they could improve behaviour and safety outcomes
  • Writing to more than 700 families with information on how to address risk-taking behaviours and introduce a Reward Card Program aimed at reinforcing positive behaviours.
  • A group of 45 Year 9 students collaborated with Right Track and Periscope Films to create a media studies film project promoting rail safety messaging (to be shared with the wider school community later this year)

Because of this multifaceted hands-on approach, there has been a significant decline in the number of Governor Stirling SHS students trespassing or displaying risk-taking behaviour, with Transit Officers also reporting students were more positively engaging with them and other frontline staff. 

For more information on how the Right Track program partners with schools for positive change, email

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