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DIY Trail Lesson Plan



Students will:
  • Work as a group to answer questions related to a station on their local line, Perth Station or Perth Underground
  • Learn how to travel safely and responsibly using public transport
  • Explore rules + etiquette when traveling on Transperth Services
  • Familiarise themselves with the Transperth Network.


Step 1 Get Permission 

Let’s be honest, it all starts with getting permission to get your class out. You can find amongst the lesson resources our latest indemnity insurance certificate which will assist in gaining approval. If your class wishes to go up in our StarRider Hall of Fame they will require photographic permission for photos to be placed on our website. Check your school policy for photographic permission requirements for more information. 

Step 2 Book 

Once you have permission to participate in the DIY Trial, set your day of travel and let us know your itinerary. By letting us know of your intended travel we will be able to arrange for staff to assist where required while on the tour. You can let us know your plans by following this link

Step 3 Tickets Please! 

The tour itself is free to undertake however your class will need to either have valid SmartRiders, cash tickets or have organised a group travel ticket prior to your outing. For further explanation please read further. 


You may be interested in having your class apply for Student SmartRiders. The use of the SmartRider card is our preferred way to purchase a ticket as it teaches students the use of the SmartRider system and gives access to the 60 cent Student SmartRider Fare. 

Primary Student SmartRiders are free of charge but will require parents placing money on the SmartRider cards prior to the commencement of travel. Interested? Simply download the application form. The application procedure can be found on the form. 

Group Travel Ticket? 

Another alternative is to organise a group ticket which will allow your group to travel on any train or ferry combination (unfortunately we do not allow group ticketing on our bus network). You can arrange your group ticket by contacting Transperth Education. 

Cash Fare? 

You will need to make your own way to your nearest train station. For classes that are not within walking distance of a train line you may wish to use a Transperth bus service to make your way there. If you require a bus please contact us at Transperth Education to ensure we have sufficient capacity on the bus to accommodate your class. You can call us on 9326 3970 or email for more information. You will need to purchase a cash ticket if catching the bus. 

Or if it’s all too much you can always contact the Transperth Education Team and we can guide you through the booking procedure. Phone 9326 3970 or email We are always happy to help. 

Step 4 Planning Your Journey 

We recommend that students are at each station at least 15 minutes to be able to complete the worksheet. We realise that you may wish to get your class out on the network as early as possible however avoiding the peak period is highly recommended. We suggest beginning your journey after 9am on all bus, train and ferry services to avoid the rush. 

Step 5 Safety 

You may wish to have your students view some of our video resources before you take them out. This will give them a deeper understanding of security, rights and responsibilities and the ticketing process of Transperth. 

We recommend the following videos and they are located in our Resource section under videos

  • Behaviour and Security 
  • Safety and Security 
  • Safe Journey 
  • Safety on the Network 
  • SmartRider 

Another great resource is the interactive game and we recommend all students play the game before you head out on the network. 


Download the quiz worksheets below for your relevant train line, Perth Station and Perth Underground. You will need 1 copy of each student worksheet per group (recommended no more than 5 students per group). Teacher answer sheets have also been provided.

LEARNING PROCESS: Whole class [10-15 minutes]

This can alternatively be done prior to the day of the DIY Trail.

Introduce the topic of safety and have a discussion as a class about why good behaviour matters when travelling on public transport. Ask students to share examples of when they may have witnessed poor behaviour on buses, trains and ferries. How could those behaviours create a safety risk to either themselves or others? 

Display the 9 Simple Rules (see resources section). Is there any behaviour which has been missed? 

Display the Learning Goals Rubric on the interactive whiteboard or provide copies of the rubric to the class and discuss the focus of their learning.

LEARNING PROCESS: Whole Class [10 minutes]

Display the itinerary to the class and explain step by step each leg of the journey. Make sure the class is aware of the stations they need to visit as they make their way through to Perth Station and Perth Underground – we don’t want you to be short in your headcount! 

Break class into small groups of no more than 5 students and distribute the work sheets. 

  • Specific Excursion Requirements 
    • Ensure class has Student SmartRiders or sufficient cash to purchase a cash ticket (alternatively if you have arranged for a group ticket remember to collect it at the train station);
    • Cameras; 
    • Worksheets with pens/pencils to complete and something to lean on; 
    • Travel Itinerary. 
  • Generic Excursion Requirements 
    • Packed lunches; 
    • Water bottles; 
    • First Aid Kit; 
    • Sunscreen and hats; 
    • Any required paperwork. Eg emergency contacts/ medical information/medication. 

Start [time will vary] 

Make your way to the closest train station. If you need to catch a bus to get there please ensure that you are on time to the bus stop as there may be a significant wait between services. 

Once at your train station you will meet one of our Customer Service Assistants who will assist you onto the train. They will also issue you the group ticket for your class if pre-arranged prior to your travel. 

Board your train and disembark at the train station in the quiz. Please ensure all students take their belongings with them and ensure all have alighted the train. 

[15 minutes] 

With your students in their groups, students are to recall the dangers while at the train station. Once you are satisfied that all have been have covered, students are to complete the quiz in groups. 

Before the train arrives, gather the students together for a headcount. Ensure all students are present before boarding the train. Once satisfied that all students are accounted for, board the Perth-bound train with the assistance of the CSA. 

[30 mins] 

Arrive at Perth Station or Perth Underground. 

Nominate a meet point. Students are to explore and complete the relevant worksheet. Students are to gather at the nominated meet point. Ensure all students are accounted for. Make your way to either Perth Station or Perth Underground to complete the next worksheet. 

Nominate a second meet point. Students explore the station to complete the worksheet.


We would love to see and hear about your class out-and-about enjoying the DIY Trail, so why not let us know how you went? 
  • Tell us all about it! Students are to write a recount of their day on the network. Let us know if you had any difficulties or if you enjoyed a particular aspect of the DIY Trail.
  • Why not show us how you went? Students are to send through their favourite images they took while out and about. Students are to learn how to connect the camera to the computer and transfer the file via email to us here at With permission we may even start placing them up on our website for other public transport enthusiasts to see!
  • Place your photos into a slide show presentation and send them through to us here at Transperth Education. We would love to see how you went and this is a great opportunity to share with others your experience while on our network.
  • Blog your public transport adventures for other schools to read on the TravelSmart to Schools website.


This lesson involves students participating in an enjoyable and cryptic self-guided exploration to re-enforce their classroom based knowledge of the network.  Students will work together in small groups to answer questions related to a station on their local line, Perth Station or Perth Underground. 

The DIY Trail can be undertaken as part of the Get On Board Program alongside related lessons, or as a stand-alone lesson for network familiarisation. The DIY Trail teaches and reinforces how to read and interpret a timetable, safety on the network, people on our network and familiarisation of Transperth services.

So that our staff can look out for you while you’re completing the DIY Trail, please fill in the attached notification form and email it to

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