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We've got your kids covered

We’ve helped thousands of parents teach their children how to conveniently and safely travel on our buses, trains and ferries. We’re here to help make your child’s move to independent travel as simple as possible, while making sure all your questions are answered.

How can I help my child make this move?

Start talking with your child about public transport. Ask them what they already know and what they’re curious about. Make sure your child feels comfortable asking you, or our helpful staff, if they are ever unsure of anything. We understand that letting your child travel independently is a big step. That’s why we offer helpful and practical guidance, to make sure their journey (and yours) is as easy as possible.

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What ticket does my child need and how do I get one?

The easiest way for your child to ride is with our Student SmartRider. Find out more about SmartRider or our cash ticket options.

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Is my child going to be safe?

We want to make sure your child gets to where they want to go, both safely and on time. Find out more about the measures we have in place to keep your child safe.

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What happens if things don't go to plan?

Most trips go without a hitch, but it’s good to be prepared and feel confident in case something happens unexpectedly.

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My child has special needs. What support can
transperth provide?

We offer support to make you and your child’s travel easier. We’re committed to making our public transport service more accessible for people with disabilities. If your child has a disability, or requires special assistance, find out the various ways we can help them by following this link.

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