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How do i keep safe?

Your safety is very important to us and everyone has the right to a safe journey. We have many ways we look out for you while you use Transperth.

Look around the next time you're at the station, on a train, ferry or bus. You might not see it at first but there are 1000s of cameras everywhere watching out for you.

Our staff are always there to help if you ever feel unsafe or need assistance. If you can't see one of our friendly staff members we have emergency buttons located on all train station platforms and some bus stations. Next time you are down at your train station look out for them - you may need to use it someday.

But how does that emergency button work? We have a Central Monitoring Room (CMR), where live footage from cameras on the network is viewed by staff 24 hours a day. When you press the emergency button, your call is answered by staff at the CMR and help can be sent to you. But remember our CMR team are busy making sure all of our passengers are safe so misuse of the emergency button is an offence.

When would you need help?

If you're ever unsure it's best to ask for help

For example:
  • If you or someone drops something on the track
  • If you see a fight
  • If you notice a fire
  • If you see vandalism taking place
  • If you ever feel unsafe
  • If you start to feel unwell or sick.
So remember, if you see anything like this then speak with our friendly staff or press the emergency button.

What are my rights and responsibilities?

Everyone has a right to travel on Transperth and everyone has a right to feel safe. With rights come responsibilities. Whether you are on a school bus, or sharing a service with other people in the community, it is very important that you respect the driver, other passengers and Transperth property.

Here are some of your responsibilities-

  • Carry your SmartRider with you at all times. It is your student identification
  • Tag on and off
  • Keep clear of the doorways, on both the inside and outside of the train
  • Stand for adults
  • Keep volume of audio devices down
  • No littering or graffiti
  • No eating or drinking while on board.

If things go wrong?

What happens if:

  • You get off at the wrong stop or station
  • A train has been cancelled or a bus is broken down
  • Someone's making you feel scared
  • You see something unsafe.
  • You lose your SmartRider

Sometimes not everything goes to plan. It's ok, with these simple tips you'll be back on your way in no time.

Getting off at the wrong stop or station

Don’t stress! When you’re travelling somewhere new, or even somewhere you’ve been to hundreds of times before, it’s easy to get distracted and end up at the wrong stop. Here’s what you should do:


  • Safely cross to the opposite platform and catch the next suitable service.
  • If you're unsure then find the Information unit on the station platform and press the InfoLine button to ask for help.


  • If it's not far then walk to the correct stop
  • If you've gone too far then safely cross the road and catch the bus in the opposite direction
  • If you're unsure then call the Transperth InfoLine and ask for help on 13 62 13

Train service cancelled or bus broken down

We can’t be perfect all of the time! 

If it’s a planned disruption

  • Bus replacement services will take effect.
  • Bus replacement will depart from every station at Train Replacement Bus Stops - follow the signage for directions to your stop.
  • Allow extra travelling time and be aware that train replacement services may not connect with existing timetabled buses and trains.
  • Sign up for our email alerts. You can find out about any disruptions so you can plan ahead.

Unplanned disruption

    Bus Break Down
  • If your service has good frequency, catch the next available service
  • If the service is infrequent, a replacement bus will be dispatched if available from the local bus depot
  • REMEMBER: tag off the broken down bus to avoid the default fare! If you are unsure ask the driver.

    Disrupted Train Services
  • Replacement bus services will be arranged.
  • Follow signage or Transperth Staff directions
  • Train Replacement Bus Services will depart from the Train Replacement Bus Service stops located at each station.

    If a train breaks down while you are on it?
  • Remain on the train until given instructions from a member of staff. (It may take a little longer but this is for your safety! There could be live wires).

Someone's making you feel scared

Don't be a hero. Everyone has the right to feel safe catching public transport. It's best to ask for help if you're ever feeling unsafe.

Call 9220 9999 for help. The appropriate assistance will be sent.


At the Train Station
  • Move away from the person making you feel that way
  • Look for a member of staff and explain the situation
  • Hit the emergency button located on each station platform.  You will be connected through to our Central Monitoring Room and the closest appropriate assistance will be sent to assist.
On the Train
  • Move away from the person making you feel that way
  • Move to the next carriage if possible
  • Contact the driver by pressing the Onboard Emergency Button near the doors and they'll take appropriate action
  • The cameras on board will slow to capture movement in greater detail to help in identifying the people responsible.


At a Bus Station
  • Look for Transperth Security or a member of staff for assistance. They will be able to radio through for assistance if required.

Bus/Train Interchange

  • Look for a member of staff for assistance either at the bus or train areas.
  • If you can not see a member of staff, press the emergency button at the train station for help.
On the Bus
  • Press the bell and wait for the bus to stop
  • Approach the driver and explain what has just happened
  • The bus driver will be able contact the depot. The appropriate assistance will be sent to help.


On the Ferry
  • Let the Ferry Master (the person driving the ferry) know. They will be able to arrange assistance where necessary.
On the Jetty
  • Let a member of staff know. The appropriate action will be taken to ensure everyone is safe.

Seeing something unsafe

It's fun riding on trains, buses and ferries but remember big vehicles can be dangerous. If you see something, or someone being unsafe, let us know.

Call 9220 9999 for help.

What can I do to help?

  • Report anything unsafe to a member of staff. This can be a Transit Officer or Customer Service Assistant
  • If you can not see a member of staff use the emergency button located on all trains and train platform.
  • Let us know! Tell a bus driver or staff member what you have seen.
  • Let the Ferry Master know. They will be able to help where necessary.

Losing your SmartRider

It's ok! We can help if you lose your SmartRider. You just need to call.

  • Contact our Infoline on 13 62 13. They will be able to place a stop to anyone using your SmartRider by placing that card on a HotList. In 24 hours the card will be disabled.
  • By Hotlisting a card no one will be able to use the card and they will not be able to use YOUR money! 
  • Don't worry, you won't lose your balance! The money from your old lost or stolen SR card can be transferred to the replacement card.
  • Need a replacement card? Call the InfoLine on 13 62 13 and they will let you know what the next steps are!