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Urban Jungle Out There

Author: James Gillam

3 Aug 2018

On the 29th of June, the Year 9 Cohort participated in the Ultimate Urban Challenge, a Greatest Race style course spanning between Perth and Fremantle with the goal of not only helping students navigate and adapt in an urban environment, but also to push them to learn to become independent, work in a team and have confidence in stressful situations. This was even more challenging than usual as the use of mobile phones was prohibited.

Students met early in the morning at Warnbro train station and formed into their predesignated groups of six or seven students plus an adult to supervise. They were then given a location to head to first; this was different for each group. The groups then set out into the city or Fremantle to begin the challenge. Once the groups reached their first location and solved the question that had to be answered, they were given booklet with a list of locations around Perth and Fremantle that they had to make their way to, then answer a question about the location and take a whole group photo to earn points. Some of these places included: WA State Library, Freo Markets, Bell Tower and Fremantle Prison. The aim was to accumulate points by reaching as many locations as possible, answering questions about these places and taking photo documentations.

All groups had to return to the school by 5 o’clock otherwise 5 points would be taken away from their tally for each minute they were late, and their chances of winning would plummet. This time limit plus the competition from other groups added a sense of urgency and challenge to the day, pushing the students to have to plan, adapt and think fast under pressure should they hope to win. Upon returning to the school, the Year 9’s and their families were treated to a sausage sizzle and a well-deserved rest after a fun and exciting, yet tiring day.

On behalf of all of Year 9, I would like to extend a thank you to all the teachers and helpers who organized the event and supervised the students as well as Transperth and anyone else involved in such a fun, challenging and memorable experience.

Luke Thomas Baggaley
Yr 9 Student
Living Waters Lutheran College

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