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Transperth Education: Increasing your students’ independence

Author: James Gillam

15 Nov 2022

With the end of year fast approaching, your mind is no doubt turning towards programming for 2023.  Our Transperth Get on Board program is a great way for education support students to start their journeys or reinforce their prior knowledge as they work towards independence. 

With more than 10 years’ experience in the Transperth education officer role, David McMahon brings a wealth of experience in working with students of all abilities, to help them transition to independent travel.

“Students strive for independence, be it as simple as putting on shoes through to driving a car,” David said.

“However, transport – particularly using public transport – can be a huge barrier … so much can go wrong even with the best laid plans and preparation.

“Sometimes it’s just knowing there are teams of people on the Transperth network who can help when it doesn’t go to plan – from Bus Drivers through to ourTransit Officers (who work with the help of our extensive CCTV network).

“Our goal is to ensure that all students know help is never too far away.”

The Transperth Education team recently delivered the program to Gwynne Park Primary Education Support Centre students. Classroom teacher Tim Horton provided the following feedback: “The kids were so engaged and loved David’s sense of humour and knowledge about all things Transperth.

“He worked so well with all the kids, from our non-verbal students to our students who love to talk (and helped us adults learn a few new things as well).

“He fielded all our questions excellently. It was such a wonderful experience, one that I will recommend to any classes wanting to start community access on public transport.”

If you’re considering introducing your class to public transport in 2023, get in touch with Transperth Education head to the Teachers page and submit your request.

To find out more of what we do in the community, visit our YouTube page.

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