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Safety School is just the ticket for primary schools!

Author: Alex Gerrard

27 Jul 2023

The Constable Care Safety School immerses children in a realistic environment where they can learn about using public transport safely and, at the same time, develop pedestrian and bike safety skills.

Transperth Education worked with Constable Care to promote safe, responsible behaviour with the aim of embedding safe travel practices and reducing the occurrence and risk of injury to students on our network.

“Unfortunately, close calls and injury involving students take place far too often, with many of these incidents preventable,” says Louise Madden from Transperth Education.

“With safety messaging being presented to students in a the safe simulated environment of the Constable Care Safety School, the hope is for students using our trains and buses to be more aware of the real risks and dangers of not being aware of their surroundings.”

With the Constable Care Safety School only a short walk from Maylands Train Station, and bus stops nearby, why not incorporate your experience and put what you’ve learnt into practice on our network.  For as little as $1.40 per student, we can help you get to and from this fantastic venue.

To learn more about the Constable Care Safety School, click here

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