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Rolling through the year

Author: Alex Gerrard

2 Nov 2023

Fasten your seatbelt or, in this case, hold on to your tickets –  we're about to take a wild ride through the 2022-23 year that was. With the collaborative efforts of train, ferry, and bus operators, Transperth's Community Education team has been on a mission to make public transport more accessible, safer and fun for everyone. From train platforms to digital platforms, here’s some of the highlights:

  • 70,000 participants from high-needs groups accessed public transport thanks to 1255 programs.
  • School Group Travel coordinated almost 2000 trips, tallying a whopping 93,585 boardings
  • Transitioning to high school became a breeze for 90 per cent of secondary schools in the metro area, thanks to Transperth's free Toolkit, tailored for Year 7 orientations
  • The Right Track program and our Transit Officers worked with youths in the Banksia Hill Detention Centre to create a positive and empowering mural
  • Six accessibility guided tours to Airport Central showed more than 100 people with disabilities how to navigate the new infrastructure, connect with the airport and embrace its accessible features
  • More than 3500 students with diverse needs across different educational settings received the support they needed through 1004 programs
  • Partnering with the Red Cross Humanitarian Settlement Program, Transperth welcomed more than 270 newly-arrived migrants from 27 language groups, helping them feel at home
  • Our free train-the-trainer e-learning training continued to support staff in the education, disability and community sectors, ensuring safe and effective mentorship for people with diverse needs using public transport
  • Transperth Education reached a whopping 225,000 people through their digital platforms - travelling far and wide!

We often receive feedback from happy teachers and schools who have used our services. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Absolutely fantastic experience with the Transperth Team. The support and guidance by staff members made for a seamless journey, alleviating any concerns about getting lost or missing a stop - will highly recommend this service to colleagues for future excursions.” Teacher – Warnbro

“Dave McMahon was an excellent speaker and guide on public transport. The kids were so engaged and loved his sense of humour and knowledge about all things Transperth. He worked so well with all the kids, from our non-verbal students to our students who love to talk (and helped us adults learn a few new things as well!). He fielded all our questions excellently. It was such a wonderful experience, one that I would recommend to any classes wanting to start community access on public transport. Thank you!” – Teacher, Gwynne Park ESC

“Staff were amazing through the entire process. We were escorted through the stations and were given positive feedback from staff along the way about the behaviour of our students. Great experience.” – Teacher, Youth Futures Community School

We asked teachers why they chose to use Transperth Group Ticketing.

  • 80 per cent cited convenience
  • 77 per cent said it was due to cost
  • 49 per cent, to increase students’ exposure to public transport
  • 57 per cent said proximity to the event
  • 25 per cent because it’s a sustainable option


Overall satisfaction for the group ticketing experience was 97.5 per cent, while 98.6 per cent of Group Ticketing users would recommend it to others and 98.6 per cent would use it again.

It's been a fantastic journey, and we can’t wait to work with more schools and communities in 2024.

Find out more about Transperth’s Get on Board programs and how you can be involved.


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