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OOOPS! Where’s My SmartRider!

Author: Tara Innes

2 Feb 2023

We understand the start of the year brings about many challenges for students from uniforms, books and classes, but one thing that is often overlooked is “Where’s my SmartRider!”

To address the delay in getting new and replacement SmartRiders out to students at the start of the school year, Transperth offers students a 70-cent cash fare. This low-cost cash fare is only offered for the first month of the school year and is available through bus drivers and Ticket Vending Machines at train stations. 

“Students are reminded that bus drivers only accept exact cash fares,” said Louise Madden from Transperth Education.

“No change will be given and this has caught out students in the past. To address this, students are strongly encouraged to give the correct change or get their replacement SmartRider as soon as possible as once this one-month period is over, regular concession fares apply to all students.”

For students requiring replacement cards, we advise they call our Transperth Infoline on 13 62 13 to ‘Hotlist’ the card, which prevents the lost or stolen card being used. They will then be told how to arrange a replacement and transfer the funds across to the new SmartRider.

If students are adamant the “dog ate it”, they can also order replacements cards (in most cases) through our SmartRider provider MonitorWA  - Click here.  Where online ordering is unavailable, students must visit their Student Administration for new and replacement SmartRiders.

For new Secondary Students waiting on their new SmartRiders, please be advised that these are generally distributed to schools 2-3 days from application, with majority of SmartRiders in the students’ hands within the first 2 weeks of the school year.

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