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Look Up, Look Out…BUS!

Author: James Gillam

17 Nov 2022

The looming holidays mean that students will soon be out and about on Transperth services.

However, an increase in travel activity means an increased risk of a child being injured while making their way around our community.

With close calls and an increasing number of students injured after alighting a bus, Transperth Education’s Louise Madden says a greater level of attention and recognition about the risks involved is needed. 

“We sometimes forget that something as simple as crossing the road comes with risk,” Louise said.

“Add to that the fact that the bulk of a bus limits your ability to see surrounding traffic and – as is too often the case – distractions from mobile phones and headphones, and we have a combination of elements which increases the risk of injury or worse for many students.

“Waiting for the bus to clear or taking a few seconds to put your phone away can make the difference between being able to make it home safely or a lengthy stay in hospital recovering from significant injuries.”

Transperth reminds all students to never cross in front of a bus – no matter what the circumstances. Always allow the bus to leave the stop before checking both ways for traffic before crossing the road. 

To help keep your students safe, we have produced a digital resource kit with which you can share key messages among your school community on your social channels.  You can access this kit by visiting our Digital Toolkits page and looking for the “Safety Around Buses” section to download your resource pack.

Together, we can get your students to their destination and home again safely.

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