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Budding Artists’ Community Contribution

Author: James Gillam

5 May 2023

Students from Lakelands Primary School will see their art designs unveiled to members of the community at the opening of the new Lakelands Station.

Year 6 students, in collaboration with local Noongar reference group Winjan Aboriginal Corporation and artist Seantelle Walsh, attended a guided art session to develop sketches which would become part of the mural spanning Lakelands Station. In August last year, students visited the site of the upcoming station to learn about the native flora and fauna and the indigenous significance of the land.  Students were then tasked with creating sketches based on the site’s themes, such as “dek and barna” meaning flora and fauna, “kep” meaning water, and “biddi” meaning path.

“You have the turtles which swim around in the lake, there are eucalyptus flowers and pods, and there is also a banksia which has been drawn in a way to represent an abstract train line,” says Walsh. “It was great to see the kids recognise the elements they drew during our session in the completed artworks.”

The mural spans multiple walls, following visitors on their journey through the station. Artwork has been incorporated into the station entry, in addition to the main mural on the west platform where commuters will wait for trains heading to Perth.

Lakelands Station Opening will be held on June 11.



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