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Program Overview

This is  a flexible and interactive program to encourage your students to explore, discover and think critically and creatively when investigating public transport.


  • Public transport is a real-life topic that will engage and challenge upper primary students in a range of learning areas. Topics have been mapped to the Western Australian Curriculum and lessons can be easily incorporated into your existing programs. 
  • Public transport is fun and eco-friendly. Every day thousands of young people use our public transport network of buses, trains and ferries. 
  • Western Australia is a rapidly growing state with increasing levels of congestion being experienced in Perth.  
  • There is now an increased awareness of living in a sustainable way and public transport is recognised as delivering environmental, social and health benefits. So there's never been a better time to explore public transport both in the classroom and in the community - to deliver great learning outcomes. 
  • Our program gives students opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to make informed and safe decisions. 
  • Our program complements a whole school approach to road safety education and can be delivered alongside other education providers. 



  • We've based our resources on the principles for student-centred learning, enquiry and creative and critical thinking. 
  • Lessons will spark ideas in a range of learning areas that can be incorporated into your existing classroom programs. 
  • Resources link directly to the Western Australian Curriculum. Resources are all housed in one easy location, and printable ready to use. 
  • Activities encourage your students to become active participants through a range of whole class discussions, small group activities, partner work and individual activities.
  • ‘Guided inquiry' and ‘Tuning in' activities are designed to saturate student interest and create natural inquiries in five key areas:
    • Network knowledge 
    • Journey planning
    • Ticketing
    • Safe travel
    • Rights and responsibilities
  • 'Tuning in' activities are easy to follow and include detailed explanations of learning strategies used in the resources. Annotated examples of scaffolds and rubrics are also included, as we aim to develop the student's independent learning skills and stimulate their guided inquiry. 
  • Teachers of students with a disability can adapt the learning activities to meet individual needs. Further information is available in Student Diversity and the Australian Curriculum Advice for principals, schools and teachers.

Step 1 - lessons

Step 2 - Play the virtual journey

  • Play the Virtual Journey game in the classroom  to explore key public transport concepts introducing students to journey planning and safe travel. 
  • A red teacher’s apple will appear at the top of the game page to link to a relevant lesson for deeper knowledge and understanding.

Step 3 - The matrix

  • A BloomGard Matrix has been designed to conclude the unit of work, allowing students to complete their guided inquiry. The Matrix has been designed to demonstrate higher order, critical and reflective thinking skills through different learning styles.
  • Students can take ownership of their own learning and apply the skills and strategies they’ve learnt previously to ‘pick and choose’ their own activities. The Matrix is designed to provide opportunities to collaborate and co-construct the learning program with your students through purposeful discussion and reflection. 

Step 4 - Real life journey

  • We all love exploring our environment. Getting out and about on the network consolidates classroom learning and allows students to develop a greater sense of their world and their place within it. 
  • It’s time to get on board and explore! Use knowledge gained in the classroom to plan a real life journey on the Transperth network or try our DIY Trail.
  • We provide a tailored Get on Board Station Tour program and Excursion Planning support.