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Tracking the trains



Students will:
  • Identify the 5 major train lines of the Perth network
  • Read and interpret the map of the Transperth Train Network 
  • Apply their understanding of measurement.


  • Familiarise yourself with the video titled ‘Public Transport Authority of Western Australia’
  • Cut enough lengths of string for each student 
  • Download and photocopy a class set of the Transperth Train Network map 
  • Download and photocopy a class set of the Tracking the Trains worksheet
  • Download a teacher copy of the Tracking the Trains Answers
  • Familiarise yourself with other activities in the supporting resources.

LEARNING PROCESS: Whole class [15 minutes]

Show students the video ‘Public Transport Authority of Western Australia’. Ask students what the term ‘integrated system’ is referring to and what are the benefits of having an integrated transport system? Discuss any other interesting points from the video.

Clarify what the 3 forms of Public transport are that are operated by Transperth.

Introduce the Transperth Train Network map. Ask students to discuss as a class what information they can see on the map. Discuss the use of colour, what is it for? Ask the students if they think the map is to scale. Why or why not?

Once students are engaged introduce the Tracking the Train Worksheet activity and hand out string. Explain they will be working individually using string as a form of measurement. Discuss what unit of measurement is used for the length of each train line. Point out that two scales are used on the map. Ask students to explain why this is the case.

Once students are comfortable with the task, begin work.

LEARNING PROCESS: Individual Activity [20 minutes]

Students are to work independently to complete each task on the worksheet. They are to read and interpret the information on the map to answer the set questions, asking for clarification when needed. The teacher is to act as a facilitator and ensure all students are on task.

LEARNING PROCESS: Whole class [10 minutes]

Work can be marked either as a whole class and discussed or later by the teacher.

Ask students to discuss what train line they would catch if they were going to:
  • The football at Patersons Stadium
  • The Perth Royal Show.
Ask the students would they need to catch a bus to get to the train station and would they need to do a train transfer.

List other destinations that they might like to visit, to once again familiarise themselves with the different train lines.


Two additional activities have been provided for download under supporting resources and may be completed in class or as homework tasks.


An answer sheet has been provided to assist with the marking of this activity, and once again, through oral discussions, teacher observation and students engagement, levels of understanding can be determined.


Year 5


Learning Area:



Number and Algebra


Number and place value

Contents code:


Contents descriptor:

Use efficient mental and written strategies and apply appropriate digital technologies


Statstics and Probability


Data Representation and interpretation

Contents code:


Contents descriptor:

Describe and interpret different data sets in context to solve problems


Year 6


Learning Area:



Statistics and probability

Sub-Strand:Data representation and interpretation

Contents code:


Contents descriptor:

Interpret and compare range of data displays





Organising idea


Sustainable patterns of living rely on the interdependence of healthy social, economic and ecological systems.


Actions for a more sustainable future reflect values of care, respect and responsibility, and require us to explore and understand environments.


Designing action for sustainability requires an evaluation of past practices, the assessment of scientific and technological developments, and balanced judgments based on projected future economic, social and environmental impacts.


Sustainable futures result from actions designed to preserve and/or restore the quality and uniqueness of environments. 


In this activity, students will be using the Transperth Train Network map to familiarise themselves with the 5 train lines of the network, and the suburbs that the trains frequent. They will be interpreting the map and its information, whilst applying their understanding of measurement.
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