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Tapping Primary School: Getting to grips with the new ‘Get On Board’ Website.

Author: Justine

1 Aug 2015

In Term 2 David, Carol-Ann and Louise were lucky enough to visit Tapping Primary School to deliver a very special launch of our Get on Board website. The team spent an afternoon with the energetic Year 6 students and their teacher Andrea Gill, showcasing what the website has to offer students, as well as their teachers and parents. The afternoon was not just a learning experience for the students, but it also provided an opportunity for Andrea and the students to feedback directly to us on the content and activities delivered, which were taken straight from the website.

Andrea thought the program was great and could easily see it translating into classroom material.

“A lot of the activities meet with the Australian Curriculum, particularly in Maths and English” she said.

“A good example of this was the mapping activity where David talked the kids through understanding and moving through zones, getting to know the geography and stations of Perth, reading data, planning a journey and timetabling and as a Year 6 teacher, this activity actually met a lot of the criteria for our Maths curriculum.”

Other activities included in the visit were:

  • Safety Charades – a role play activity on a Transperth bus, which allowed the students to experience a bus environment as well as learn about bus safety.

  • Interactive Challenge – a game where students could test their skills and knowledge to see if they were ready to take the next step toward independent travel on Transperth.  (Just quietly, this was a hit with the students.  Some feedback we received direct from them included comments like “the game was the best part of the website” and “it was amazing, fun and helped us to be safe”.)

  • Help Lesson – where students viewed two safety videos then role-played various real-world scenarios in groups.  This activity was designed to teach students what to do in unplanned and emergency situations on the network.  The student feedback on this part revealed that the session empowered them with knowledge on how to act safely as well as be safe on and around trains and buses.

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you jump on board our website today and start exploring the resources and activities available to get your classroom’s public transport journey started.


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