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Smoothing the ride for transitioning students

Author: James

5 Nov 2015

It feels like only yesterday we were all systems go preparing to boost the number of students we deliver to high school.

With the transition of Year 7 students into high school, we recorded an extra 200,000 boardings a month!

Twelve months on and Year 6 teachers will no doubt be thinking of ways to help smooth the transition into high school for their students. Now is a great time to use our website for tips to help students make the big jump from assisted travel, to independent travel on the Transperth system.

The two Ticketing Lesson Plans provide a great starting point for learning about ticketing options to access the Transperth network, including the SmartRider card, which students will quickly learn is their ticket to freedom and independence. The ‘Help’ and ‘Safe Travel’ lesson plans provide great videos and activities to help students understand what to do when something happens on the network, and helps to quell their nerves and provide students with the skills and knowledge to make safe decisions.

Why not extend the learning, and get parents involved in the conversation of public transport travel by sending home this letter? It explains to parents the importance of discussing public transport use with their child, and provides more useful and practical tips for using Transperth. Parents, just like the children, will be nervous about their child’s transition into high school, and part of the anxiety will relate to the child becoming an independent transport user. 

So start the discussion today in the classroom with the use of the Get on Board website, and at home with this letter.














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