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Author: Abby Lucas

13 Oct 2017

The new Constable Care Safety School is now open and taking bookings for Term 4, 2017. The Constable Care Safety School is an excursion destination for children aged 4-11 and provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn vital pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills.

Transperth Education has worked with the Constable Care Child Safety School to incorporate important safety messaging to promote responsible behaviour with the aim to reduce the risk of injury to students on the network.

“Unfortunately, we often see incidents involving injuries to students occur on the network. Many of which are preventable,” says Louise Madden from Transperth Education. “With key safety messaging being presented to students in a hands-on environment, students will become more aware of the risks of behaving irresponsibly around buses and trains.”

With the Constable Care Safety School only a short walk from Maylands train station, and bus stops just outside, taking Transperth is an easy and cost-effective way of travelling. For only $1.40 per student, we can assist your class in getting to this fantastic venue.

To learn more about the Constable Care Safety School, click here.

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