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Weird and wonderful facts

  • We don’t allow pets on our trains, but did you know you could fit 25 hippos head to tail on a 6 car train? 90 tonnes of beast. 
  • 25 hippos weigh the same as a full train load of passengers.
  • Did you know a bus weighs 17,000 kgs which is as heavy as 11 hippos.
  • A full house watching the footy at Domain Stadium would fill 530 buses or 264 train carriages. 
  • Steam engine trains were running in Perth up until the late 1960s. 
  • The electricity used to run one train for one km is enough to cook 288 cupcakes.
  • There are 585,000 boardings on our trains, buses and ferries on a typical weekday.
  • Who’s taken the most trips with Transperth? That’s one of our train drivers, who during the past 48 years of work has made over 56, 400 trips.
  • We don’t know of any babies born at our stations or on our services, but we have had a marriage proposal on the Fremantle Line.
  • If you placed all of Perth’s rail tracks in a straight line it would stretch nearly all of the way to the International Space Station. You may need to catch a bus for the last 50 kms.
  • It takes a crew of over 200 to clean Perth’s trains, buses, ferries and stations every day.
  • On average, the amount of passengers that use Transperth every day equates to 85,000 less cars on the road.
  • The most interesting Lost and Found item we’ve had turn up was our youngest solo commuter who at two and a half years old was found safe and happy on a bus in Malaga.
  • Our Education Officer Dave left his $2000 violin on a train when he was coming home from school. Thankfully it was recovered!
  • Buses are a lot less thirsty than cars per passenger. A half full Transperth bus with thirty passengers  will use 1.3  litres to move one person per 100 kilometres while a car with only five mates averages 2 litres per person per 100 kilometres.

Standard Facts

  •  Our train wash shed is like a car wash. The trains drive through and big scrubbers spin over the exterior to clean it. The shed is over 64m long!
  • Our train wash recycles more than 4.5 million litres of water a year.
  • Train, bus and ferry services add up to 88 million service kilometres per year. That would get you from Perth to the moon and back 114 times!
  • There’s nearly 93 million SmartRider card tag ons each year. That’s 4 times the population of Australia!
  • 26 million paper tickets are dispensed each year. That’s about 2733kms long which could span from Perth to Adelaide.
  • Of the 145.5 million total passenger boardings during 2015/16:
    • 82,390,945 (56.62%) were on buses
    • 62,644,806 (43.05%) were on trains
    • 597,000 (0.41%) were on ferries.