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Don't Mess With Bus



Don’t Mess With Bus is an exciting bus safety program for primary and secondary students. Whether you’re a pedestrian, pensioner, pavement-pounder, push bike rider or a passenger, there’s something everyone can learn from Don’t Mess With Bus.

The program can be slotted straight into curriculum and we’ve provided everything you need to get going straight away.

Primary Lesson Plans

Featuring three animated scenarios around buses students will undertake science investigations aimed at educating them about bus safety and avoiding distractions around the network.

Below you can find what you need for the Don't Mess With Bus Primary School lessons:

Don't Mess With Bus Primary Animation

Secondary Lesson Plans

Designed to engage and involve students through media, art and design. By creating their own unique advertising campaign, students will learn the importance of bus safety in their school and to look out for themselves and their friends around buses.

The best works have the opportunity to be showcased on the Transperth network.