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Make Your Move

Author: Abby Lucas

24 Jul 2017

With traffic congestion increasing around our schools, now is your chance to make YOUR MOVE and start working towards a healthier, happier school. YOUR MOVE, a Department of Transport  initiative, allows you to join a network of people who share tips and tricks, motivating students to engage in active transport solutions.  

Transperth Education supports YOUR MOVE in its efforts to encourage healthy, active transport – walking, riding or public transport, to create healthy habits for life.

As an incentive to make this change, YOUR MOVE allows your students, class or school to share ideas through their online blog, earning points along the way.  The more points you earn, the more prizes you receive for your school.

Heading out on our network as a group booking or a Transperth Education Station Tour? This is the ideal opportunity to share your moment with schools just like yours and be rewarded.  

Enter your school today for your chance to win $1000 worth of points for your organisation. Winner is drawn on September 22! 

Visit the YOUR MOVE website for more info.

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